How do I change the font of my resume?

When creating a resume, you will start with the default fonts, which were selected by our designers specifically for each template. You can now change the fonts of your resume according to your choice. We’ve added 25 premium fonts to our service which can make your resume more customizable. Once you reach the finalize step you can change the title and body fonts. See the reference screenshot. These changes will be reflected in your PDF file when you export but the same cannot be seen for the Docx file as Word does not allow such flexibility as PDF.

Here’s how both the dropdowns work:

  1. Title font: The title font will change your First name & Last name, Job Title, and Block headers(Section headers).
  2. Body font: The body font will change the rest of the content font of your resume.

(Note: Only in the Rotterdam template Job title will be changed when you change your font from the “Body font” dropdown.)

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